WhiteSmoke 2011 Review - Is It A Scam?

Nah, come on. It's an incredible world class software (as you'll discover in this WhiteSmoke 2011 review). How can this lovely 12-year old software be a scam?!

Yes, that's right. WhiteSmoke has been around since 1999 and thousands if not millions of people have benefited from improving and correcting their English at a fast pace.

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Features of WhiteSmoke 2011

WhiteSmoke can uncover MORE grammar and spelling mistakes than Microsoft Word, it's the world's best!

whitesmoke 2011Have you ever encountered the problem of Microsoft Word being too robotic? Not with WhiteSmoke 2011. With WhiteSmoke 2011, it can detect almost any spelling, grammar and even complex grammartical issues that appear in sentences.

Remember, it took 12 years to develop this product.

It's highly advanced and can really detect all sorts of grammar issues and problems.

This is mainly because it has the NLP (Natural Language Processing) capability built in.

Uses minimal resources so your computer runs as fast

The creators of WhiteSmoke also understand that using another program like this could slow the computer down. Thankfully, they've taken this into consideration and have kept the program to the bare minimum but still perform its intended job (proofreading) exceptionally well. So you WON'T notice your computer slowing down at all while using this software.

Benefits of WhiteSmoke 2011

If English is NOT your first language, you don't have to worry anymore

Even if you don't have a great grammar (or you're just starting to learn English), WhiteSmoke is the best English grammar + spelling software to start with! In fact, you should thank yourself for finding this extremely useful software at this stage of learning English. It'll accelerate and cut down years of learning curve.

Not only that, it also tells why you had made the grammar error! Now you can learn from your mistakes and never repeat them.  

Save money and time; you don't have to hire a proofreader

Sometimes when you're done writing your article or sentences, you tend to wonder whether you did any mistakes or not. Well, the common thing to do is to read everything (sentence by sentence) painfully until we can catch our own mistakes (it's also a known fact that it's harder to recognize our mistakes, which is why people hire proofreaders. Heck, even a newspaper has many proofreaders working for them full time!). WhiteSmoke 2011 does all of this for you. Save time and money.

You can use it anywhere

For example, you can open notepad and start writing away and it'll detect any English mistakes if there are any. What about Microsoft Word? What about email applications (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)? Sure! WhiteSmoke 2011 can work anywhere in ALL word processing applications.

So tell me.

Who else wants to proofread their articles instantly at a click of a button?

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